About Titan Wind


Our factory is located in Varde, Denmark, just 19 kilometers from the port of Esbjerg (please see map at the bottom of the page). The transport conditions between the factory and the harbor fulfills future needs – diameter up to Ø 6,5m. The factory grounds covers a total of 57.610 m2, on this, buildings cover a total of 13.173 m2 and outside storage area of 18.400 m2. All machines and buildings have been maintained during the years and all presents in excellent condition.


Factory capability

Longest processing length/single section

~ 42 m

Heaviest processing weight/single section

~ 120 ton

Max plate thickness for pre-bending

120 mm

Section max diameter

~ 5.5 m (potential 6,5m)

Yearly production

~ 1100 sections









Factory history
2012: Titan Wind Energy, Singapore acquires the factory. Same year the first towers are produced with Titan Wind Energy (Europe) A/S as owner.
2011: Tower section no. 13.371 was produced for Vestas WTGs.
1997: The factory turns into a 100% wind focused organization.
1996: Vestas acquires the factory from Vølund, mainly to support with welded components, as well as in-house towers manufacturing.
1993: The first tubular tower was produced, in the following years; the factory delivers to Nordtank, Bonus (Siemens), Vestas etc.
1974: The factory was taken over by Vølund, focusing on production of boilers and chimneys.
1968: The factory is established by Falkenberg as a boiler and chimney factory,


Employees and skills - The value of the organization

Focus areas
The new European Titan organization is based on members of the former Vestas Towers organization. Exactly this makes us believe, that we can continue the historical high quality level under the new ownership and furthermore show flexibility and agility. We used to be the most reliable manufacturer of towers for Vestas, having the best quality level of all internal and external tower manufacturers for Vestas – we want to continue being the number one tower manufacturer as Titan Wind Energy (Europe) A/S for all customers.

Titan Wind Energy (Europe) A/S has secured contracts with both Vestas and Siemens as key customers. Based on previous track records, is it worth to mention that we will be the preferred partner for Vestas for off-shore towers, mainly due to the organization’s experiences and high quality level.

Capability of the tower builders
Over the years the employees have supported the development of several tower producers by sending out supervisors and process instructors. The staff in Varde has been employed because they, as well as produce themselves, possess the best set of skills to teach others how to make high quality towers in a fast and efficient manner. The companies assisted are among others:

Vestas Towers (USA), CS Wind (Vietnam, China and Canada), CEOLE (France), Ganomagoga (Spain), Siag (Czech Republic) and Titan (China).

Besides the supervisor tasks, the employees have been through a Lean and 5S transformation changing the factory from traditional “black smith” culture to a high performance factory. The average seniority of the production employees is 11.7 years! Together we have more than 1,500 years of experience in the business.



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